Pan Am Games July 10 to 26
Parapan Am Games August 7 to 15

The TORONTO 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am Games are now over. This website is for reference purposes only. For customer service questions, please visit our CONNECT page.

get to The Mississauga sports centre (MIS)

Please Note

Some roads around the Mississauga Sports Centre (MIS) will be closed during competition time. To access the:

  • Mississauga Sport Centre (MIS) enter Rose Cherry Place via Matheson Boulevard East. You must have proper TO2015 accreditation or tickets to the competition events at MIS for entry.
  • Hershey SportZone Sports Complex enter through the north entrance from Kennedy Road and Coopers Avenue.

getaround bus-iconPublic Transit


RIDE FREE ON GAME DAY! Transit is included with your Pan Am ticket the entire day of your event across all GTA transit services! Just show your ticket when you board.

There will be two designated shuttles to/from MIS at the following transit stops:

  1. Kipling Station* (serviced by MiWay, Toronto Transit Commission and GO Transit) Accessible Stop
    *Makes stops at the Pan Am Bowling Centre (PLB) and the Centennial Park BMX Centre (CEB).
  2. Mississauga City Centre Transit Terminal / Square One GO Transit Terminal (serviced by MiWay, Brampton Züm and GO) Accessible Stop
  3. Port Credit GO Station (serviced by MiWay and GO Transit) Accessible Stop
  4. Rose Cherry Place stop* (serviced by MiWay)
    *located in front of the MIS.

 AAccessible Stopccessible shuttle

Pan Am / Parapan Am shuttle maps and schedules

getaround cycle-iconWalking, Wheeling, Cycling


  • The roadway leading up to MIS will be pedestrian friendly.
  • Cycling to this venue will be encouraged, and bicycle parking will be available at many locations near the venue entrance. Bicycles will be stored at the owner’s risk.

Mississauga’s cycling trail map

getaround car-iconDriving & Parking


Although transit will be your best option, limited general parking spaces will be available in the lots that are east of the venue entrance. Spectators must access the venue via Matheson Boulevard East due to a road closure on Rose Cherry Place.

  • MIS will have limited accessible parking spaces. Accessible parking spaces must be booked in advance at (available in spring 2015). Accessible Stop
  • Use the Metrolinx Trip Planner to easily plan your trip between cities.

GET THERE FASTER! Use the Mississauga Roads App to avoid emergency road closures or congested areas in Mississauga


get to other venues

Mississauga is central to most of the other TO2015 venues, so getting to and from the games is easy! Plus your ticket to any TO2015 games event will get you free access to all transit systems across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area including MiWay.

STAY IN MISSISSAUGA & PLAY! Use the Metrolinx Trip Planner to easily plan your trip between cities.


transportation plan

At the Mississauga Sports Centre (MIS)

During the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games, temporary traffic changes will be in place near the Mississauga Sports Centre (MIS) (typically known as the Hershey Centre) near Kennedy Rd and Matheson Blvd E.

Plans are subject to change. Visit regularly for the latest information.

  Local temporary changes will be in place 

  • No stopping, standing or parking on one or both sides of the following roads between July 6 - 25, 2015 and August 3 – 15, 2015 (subject to refinement in spring 2015):
    • Britannia Rd between Hurontario St and Kennedy Rd
    • Kennedy Rd between Britannia Rd and Traders Blvd
  • Rose Cherry Place partial road closure between July 11 – 25, 2015 and August 8 - 15, 2015
  • Traffic signal timing changes in the area between July 6 - 25, 2015 and August 3 – 15, 2015 may mean longer than normal wait times at traffic lights

Heavier traffic volumes in the area from July 6 – 25, 2015 and August 3 - 15, 2015.

  • Roads that will primarily be affected:
    • Hurontario St. between Matheson Blvd. and Hwy 401
    • Kennedy Rd between Eglinton Ave and Britannia Rd.
    • Britannia Rd between Kennedy Rd. and Hurontario St.
    • Matheson Blvd between Dixie Rd. and Hurontario St.

Temporary transit changes

MiWay routes 39 Britannia and 53 Kennedy will serve Rose Cherry Place at all times on event days. Schedules may change slightly. Visit for details closer to the Games.

Additional shuttles to and from MIS have also been added to accommodate the games schedule. 
Pan Am / Parapan Am shuttle maps and schedules.

Other temporary changes in the region

  • Temporary HOV lanes called the Games Route Network will operate on parts of major highways from June 29 –August 18, 2015, including Hwy 401 between Hwy 427 and Hurontario St.
  • All HOV lanes will require 3 or more occupants in a vehicle
  • Maps and details.

Across GTHA

The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) is working with more than 30 regional partners to keep athletes, spectators, residents and businesses moving during the Games. They are using a Five Point Plan:

  1. Games Route Network

  2. Spectator Transportation Services
    • Enhancing transit service, accessible options, signs, parking and more
  3. Reducing Demand on Transportation
    • Promoting options like carpooling, transit, cycling and more to reduce traffic
  4. Venue Traffic Measures
    • Support Games operations and minimize disruptions to local residents and businesses
  5. Regional Coordination
    • Working together to plan and deliver seamless transportation

Learn more.



  • Reduce (Minimize the need to travel) - Stockpile supplies to minimize deliveries
  • Re-time (Shift travel to less congested times) - Schedule deliveries during off-peak times
  • Re-mode (Shift driving trips to other modes) - Take public transit to meetings
  • Re-route (Shift travel to routes with less congestion) - Schedule delivery routes to avoid busy areas

Business Transportation Planning Workshops
Keep your business moving during the games and learn about carpooling, off-peak delivery and more. Details.


  • Reduce(Minimize the need to travel) - Carpool to work or work from home.
  • Re-time (Shift travel to less congested times) - Avoid travelling during rush hour
  • Re-mode (Shift driving trips to other modes) - Cycle or walk or take transit to work instead of driving
  • Re-route (Shift travel to routes with less congestion) - Avoid busy areas near events


  • Reduce(Minimize the need to travel) - If you have to drive, carpool to events
  • Re-time (Shift travel to less congested times) - Leave plenty of time to get to events
  • Re-mode (Shift driving trips to other modes) - Use public transit (included in your event ticket)
  • Re-route (Shift travel to routes with less congestion) - Use the trip planner to find the best routes to events